Annual Tax Declaration in Poland (e-PIT)

Batuhan Kök
4 min readMar 28, 2023


Hello dear expats,

As you may know, I moved to Warsaw in 2022 and I’m trying to get used to some governmental procedures in Poland. Actually, they might seem a little bit complicated, but as far as I experienced, they are not. All you need to do is to spend some time to find the articles or instructions in English. Of course, there are tons of documents in English, but sometimes it might be hard to find.

Today, to make your lives easy, I’d like to share my experiences about tax declaration and tax refunds in Poland.

First, you need to learn some words:

  • Urząd Skarbowy: Tax Office in Polish.
  • Profil Zaufany: Trusted Profile
  • Podatki: Means “taxes”
  • PIT: Personal Income Tax (like PIT-37)
  • Mikrorachunek Podatkowy: Tax micro-account

Short Information

Personal Income Tax is mandatory for all employees (taxpayers) who earn income in Poland, such as receiving remuneration based on an employment contract. Therefore, you must declare your income to the government every year. Don’t worry; it’s straightforward.

To declare your income, you need to know details such as your salary, tax payments, insurance payments, etc. You can obtain this information by requesting your PIT form (e.g., PIT-37) from your employer. After obtaining it, you can complete your tax settlement.

How Can You Done?

There are two ways to complete the tax settlement process:

  1. You can go to a tax office and complete your tax settlement. There are numerous tax offices around, but this will be time-consuming process.
  2. You can use e-tax office and complete it online and easy.

Let’s make the process faster with the online tax office…

Trusted Profile

A Trusted Profile is a way to verify your identity for logging into online governmental services, including Podatki, which is the e-tax office. The following ways for just creating trusted profile, not tax settlement.

Online Registration
You can create a Trusted Profile by logging into your bank account such as Santander, Bank Polski, Bank Pekao. Then, you need to find “create a trusted profile” button. This link contains everyting about the creation process for Santander Bank customers.

Physical Registration
Alternatively, you can create one by visiting a physical tax office, especially if your name or surname contains special characters. Before you go, you need to first register via its website and make an appointment for visiting the tax office. Here is a list of tax offices in Poland.

Login to Podatki

If you have already created your Trusted Profile or mojeID;

Now, you can go to the following link: Podatki e-PIT

Then, you’ll see the page below and need to click on the highlighted button.

Podatki — Poland

The page that opens will ask you to choose your authentication method. You can freely select any option, but we will be using the option, so click on that button.

e-Tax Office — Poland

After selecting the option, you will finally find the Trusted Profile (Profil Zaufany) option, and you need to click on it. If you’re able to use the other options, you can do so. Authorization — Trusted Profile

Congratulations! You’re now finally in the e-tax office system.

Tax Settlement

On the homepage, you can find all the features, and you can also change the language of the page by using the select box at the top.

Now, we can begin to review and complete your PIT-37 declaration by clicking the button below and navigating to the PIT-37 form.

e-Tax Office — Dashboard

Great news! In general, when you access your e-PIT, the tax form is already completed by the tax office automatically. All you need to do is review the form to ensure that it is filled out correctly. Please check everything in the form carefully, because the accuracy of the information is your responsibility. In case of incorrect information declaration, you may face serious penalties.

The e-PIT-37 form will look like this:

PIT-37 Example Form — Poland, 2022

Overpayment / Underpayment

If you see an overpayment amount and it’s shown in green, then that’s good news! You’ll receive your overpayment amount directly into your bank account, which you have provided.

However, if you have an underpayment amount, then you need to create a micro payment (mikrorachunek) account on the same website and pay the amount to the account that you just obtained. For more information about “micro payment” account, please click here.

If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Good luck! 🤞